Trillion Cut

Known as trillion or trilliant, shape of trillion cut is triangular. It is a mixed cut having three slightly curved or equally straight sides. Typically shallow these diamonds are cut from triangular, flattened roughs; that go by the name of macles. This kind of stone may have 31-50 facets based on their use as accent stones or solitaires. Out of the total number, 25 facets are present on the crown and the pavilion contains 19 facets. These stones were created first in Amsterdam, but its exact shape and design varied according to the rough stone from which it is developed.

Trillion cut may not be as famous as its round cut counterpart, but it has a sparkling charm that sets it apart. Those who want to come away a notch from the traditional round varieties will simply adore this unique cut of diamond. For creating solitaires, designers employ a convex or curved cut and for accent stones, it is the concave or uncurved cut. There can be additional variations too such as shield modified, triangular step, or round-cornered triangular cut.

The exceptional style of trillion gives it a unique brilliance, especially when the cutting of the stone reaches correct depth. Jewelers may use them as side stones for complementing bigger solitaires, especially in the case of engagement rings. However, because of their fantastic fire and brilliance they make as an outstanding solitaire.

One of the most crucial factors in case of trillion cut is its depth. This is especially important when one is dealing with solitaires. Its brilliance and fire can beautifully mask the presence of inclusions. Trillion cuts with sharp points instead of rounded ones need adequate protection using a bezel or prongs when set in different designs.

Shallow trillions may appear quite large as compared to similar carat diamonds of different shapes, but sometimes lose their brilliance when dirty. So while the shallow varieties may make a good investment, it is important to keep them clean at all times for that sparkle.

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