Exchange, Returns and Money-Back

We understand that every piece of jewellery that is bought from OnlySolitaire is special – a gift to yourself or a loved one... We have therefore taken utmost care in creating and inspecting the product thoroughly and pack it carefully. However if for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with your product, we’ll be glad to rectify the problem or exchange the product.

The OnlySolitaire guarantee is simple - Please see below for the terms and conditions of our exchange policies

The value of the product being returned should not exceed Rs.1,00,000/- in case of Jewellery and Rs.5,00,000/- in case of Solitaires.


Lifetime Exchange:

You can of course exchange your OnlySolitaire product anytime. We offer a lifetime exchange on all our jewellery. If at any point of time you want to Exchange or Upgrade the product, we will happily provide you with an Exchange as below:

  • Jewellery products consisting of studded Diamonds Exchange at 85% of current market value
  • Jewellery products consisting only of Gem stones Exchange at 50% of current market value.
  • Solitaire Diamonds Exchange at 90% of current market value, subject to a value limit of Rs.5,00,000/- only.
  • In all cases, the current market value will be determined by



Solitaire Mount: We also offer a lifetime buy back for Solitaire mounts bought from

The prices to be valued as follows:

Plain gold mount – Jewellery weight at prevailing gold rate on the website.

Studded mount - 60% of the product's current value.



The exchange, return and money back policies are subject to terms & conditions as mentioned below:

  • Customized Jewellery which includes personalized/engraved products manufactured/ordered in line with specific instructions from Customer is not eligible for return/money back. Once your returned item is received our Quality Assurance department will review the returned item. Any items that show signs of wear or have been altered, resized (by a jeweller other than OnlySolitaire), or damaged cannot be accepted for return/ money back.
  • Shipping charges for all other returns/exchange/money back is subject shall be borne by Customer.
  • Product should be accompanied with Original Product Certificate and Original/Copy of Invoice for all returns/exchange/money back. Submission of Invoice shall be optional for all Exchange/Money back.
  • In case the customer cannot produce the original certificate, OnlySolitaire will send the diamond to the Lab for recertification. The shipping cost and the cost of certification shall be borne by the customer.
  • The return/money back amount will be as determined by our team at In case, any Coupon, Discount or Promo Codes are used during the original purchase, the amount will be reduced by the amount equivalent to the Coupon, Discount or Promo Codes.
  • For all Money Back transactions, Value Added Tax at the applicable rate shall be collected from the money back value. The prevailing rate is 1%.
  • In case of Money back, the payment shall be made by way of an account payee cheque within 15 days of receipt of product along with Certificate and Invoice subject to quality confirmation and acceptance.
  • OnlySolitaire reserves the right to change the exchange/money back price of the product based on the Quality Inspection.
  • In case of exchange, the customer will have to pay the difference between the new product chosen and the valuation of the old product before dispatch.

Shipping Policy offers FREE shipping on every order within India. Your order will be shipped to you fully insured. We urge all customers to inspect the package for any damage or tamper before receiving or signing for receipt.

After your item has been packaged, it will be shipped and delivered free via one of the following carriers.

  • Blue Dart
  • Sequel


Every jewellery package from arrives at your doorstep in a durable, tamper-proof packing. Whether it is a jewellery or solitaire, your item is delivered to you in an exclusive OnlySolitaire box along with the relevant certificates.

Payment Options offers multiple payment options, which include Online & Offline.


Customers can make their purchase payment with Credit Card, Debit card or Online fund transfer.

  • Credit Card: All Visa, Master and American Express Credit Cards are accepted
  • Debit Card: All Visa and Maestro Debit Cards are accepted


Offline payments can be made with cheque, cash deposit. Customers making offline payment should contact OnlySolitaire and confirm his/her payment modalities.


Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms of use carefully before using this website. If you do not agree to this Terms of Use you may not use this Website. By using this Website, you signify your agreement to this Terms of Use as well as the Website's Privacy Policy (which is herby incorporated by reference herein.). This Terms of Use sets out the legally binding terms of the Services available on the Website as well as at the terms of use of this Website. This Terms of Use along with the Privacy Policy extends to both users who visit the Website but do not transact business on the Website ("Users") as well as users who are registered and are authorized by the Website to transact business on the Website ("Members"). The Company reserves the right to modify or terminate any portion of the Website or the Services offered by the Company for any reason, without notice and without liability to you or any third party. You are responsible for regularly reviewing the Terms of Use so that you will be apprised of any changes. Nothing in this Terms of Use should be construed to confer any rights to third party beneficiaries.


"Jewellery" means the jewellery that is predesigned or jewellery sets with diamonds that are available for sale on our website. Please note that all Jewellery is sold "as is" and do not allow the Members to make any changes on them. "Mounts" are defined as designs which may or may not have diamonds that hold a gemstone / gemstones in place. Members can select Mounts and diamonds separately to create customized Jewellery. "Loose Diamonds" are individual diamonds that can be bought without being set on Mounts.

Description of Services

This Website provides access to trading, pricing, news and other information services related to diamonds, precious gems and jewellery. Certain Services available on this Website are for the use of Members only. Please note that some of the terms under these Terms of Use differ for purchases for personal consumption and investment purchases.

This Website offers services for Members who wish to purchase diamonds for personal consumption and is inclusive of both, customized and readymade Jewellery. The Website also offers services to sell diamonds for investment. The Website displays diamonds and stones that are specifically recommended for the purpose of investment. The Website will also feature the recommendations of a trained diamond consultant, circulate a list of investment grade diamonds and recommend good buys. Recommendations of the consultant are not guaranteed under any circumstances and the Company shall not be held liable for any loss and / or damage suffered by the Members who relied on such recommendation.

Some items may appear slightly larger or smaller than actual size due to screen defaults and photography techniques. Sometimes the items may be represented larger than the actual size in order to clearly show details or smaller than the actual size in order to show the entire item.


All Users will be required to register on the Website and become Members prior to the completion of any transaction / purchase on the Website

To register onto the Website the User will have to provide Personal Information (as defined in the Privacy Policy) and choose a user name and password.

Registration is only a one time process and if the Member has previously registered, he shall login / sign into his / her account. You will be required to provide us with your name and other details, including but not limited to, e-mail, contact number, contact address and customer verification question (example: your mother's maiden name), which will be used for verification purposes.


Retail Purchase

Any Member who wishes to purchase an item from the Website can either:

  1. add the selected diamond(s) directly to the shopping cart; or
  2. customize the jewellery by adding the diamond(s) to a ring, pendant, earring or any other type of jewellery that is expressly stated as customizable on the Website and then add it to the shopping cart; or
  3. choose from the selection of Jewellery available on the Website and add it to the shopping cart; or
  4. call our call consultants and place the order. The Member will receive the form for ordering via email/ fax/ courier based on the Member's convenience.

Only registered Members can make purchases online. In the event of a User wishing to make the purchase, the User will be required to register with the website after adding the item to the shopping cart. The Members shall also provide any other mandatory information required under law (like Personal Account Number (PAN) at the time of purchase.

All orders are considered complete only after the payment has been received by

To confirm the orders, may at random, call up the Members who have placed orders through the Website and ask the Member a verification question. will confirm the order only after the verification question is answered by the Member.

Once the purchase of the item(s) is confirmed by the Member,

  1. In the case of Loose Diamond or custom jewellery - order for the diamond(s), set it on the Mount and deliver it to the Member; or
  2. In the case of Jewellery - order for the manufacture of the Jewellery and deliver it to the Member.

In the event the bank rejects to honour any payment transaction made by a Member towards an order, shall have the right to refuse to ship the order to the Member without any liability whatsoever.

Product Availability may not own any of the diamonds and other products listed on the Website. In such cases, only orders the products listed on the Website from third party traders and merchants after the confirmation of the order by the Member and delivers the same to the Member. In such a scenario, there is a possibility that the item ordered by the Member might have been traded since the listing on the Website might not be available at that point of time.

In the event the diamond(s) get(s) traded in the market before making the payment / sealing the order, will call the Member and suggest an alternate diamond. In case the Member chooses a new diamond, shall confirm the new order. If the cost of the new selection is more expensive than the previous one, the Member shall have to pay the differential amount. If the cost of the new selection is less expensive than the previous one, shall refund the excess amount to the Member in the manner specified below in this Terms of Use.


Diamond prices vary from one category of diamonds to another and seller to seller where numerous factors like reputation of the sellers, brand value, design of the Jewellery etc. have an impact on the price of the diamond. The demand and supply of diamonds in the market can also affect the price of the diamonds. The prices stated on the Website may be substantially higher or lower than the actual prices in the retail markets.

All pricing information available on the Website must be used as a general guideline for diamond prices. While this Website is designed to provide most accurate diamond pricing information, the information about the diamonds does not provide an appraisal or guarantee of value, nor does it give suggestions or recommendation of any sort for buying or selling diamonds. All grading and pricing are subjective methods of analysis and no guarantee is made or liability assumed as to the accuracy or validity of the information provided by the Service or the expertise of those providing information via the Service. Infrequently, data may be inaccurately displayed on the Website due to system errors. reserves the right to correct any and all errors when they do occur and the Company does not honour inaccurate or erroneous prices. The prices on the Website are also subject to change without notice. For any order the price is the prevailing price on the day the order is completed. The prices of the products listed on the Website are fixed and not negotiable. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Payment offers multiple payment options to Members on the Website:

  1. Online Payment: Members can make online payments using his / her credit card; and
  2. Offline Payment: Members can complete the order online and then make payments to the Company through an offline payment mechanism. All Members making offline payment have to contact the OnlySolitaires and confirm his / her payment modalities.. For phone orders the cheque or demand draft has to be received within seven (7) days. will order the diamond only after receiving the money into their account. In the event the diamond becomes unavailable after the payment is made and the Member does not select an alternate diamond, the money shall be refunded to the Member.

Advance / Part Payment may, in its sole discretion, request the Member to pay a percentage of the value of the transaction as an advance at the time of placing the order. The balance payment for the order shall be paid by the Member at the time of delivery of the product. Failure to pay the balance amount at the time of the delivery of the product shall be treated as a cancellation of the order. Any advance amount paid by the Member at the time of placing the order shall not be refunded by to the Member in the event of cancellation of the order for any reason whatsoever.

We as a merchant shall be under no liability whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly out of the decline of authorization for any Transaction, on Account of the Cardholder having exceeded the pre-set limit mutually agreed by us with our acquiring bank from time to time

Any advance amount paid by the member at the time of placing the order shall be subjected to’s Terms and Conditions.


Any refunds due by to the Member for non-availability of diamonds or for selection of alternate diamonds shall be made in the following manners:

a)     Credit card: The credit card account of the Member will be re-credited with the refund amount by the The refund amount will be credited to the Member's account within the time span stipulated by the bank which has issued the credit card; or

b)    Cheque or wire transfer: The refund amount shall be deposited into the bank account of the Member by the within seven (7) business days after the receipt of request for refund by the Member; or

c)     Cash or demand draft: If the Member has made an over the counter purchase by paying via cash or demand draft, shall pay the refund amount to the Member through a demand draft within seven (7) business days after the receipt of the payment by

Shipping & Delivery

The Member has to specify the address and details of the person who will collect the shipment at the time of purchase. At the time of placing the order, the Member has to state full name of the recipient as stated in his / her government approved photo identification. At the point of delivery the recipient, to collect the physical product, will have to provide any one of the following government approved photo identification card

a)     Ration Card ( should be issued in the name of the Member / recipient in the case of a gift);

b)    Drivers License;

c)     Permanent Account Number (PAN) card;

d)    Voters Identification card; or

e)     Passport.

Delivery shall be made by the courier agent only after the photo and name of the recipient is verified and confirmed by such courier agent. To ensure safe and secure delivery of the package the courier agent will also note down the details of the government photo identification. The recipient of the package must cooperate with the courier agent by providing required and valid copies of his / her government approved photo identification.

In case the Member wants any other person to receive the delivery on his behalf he / she needs to specify details of the same at the point of ordering only. All items shall be delivered directly to the person as specified at the point of ordering and the Member cannot (under no circumstances whatsoever) change the recipient details after the order is processed.

Recipient accepting delivery should not accept deliveries where the box or packaging has been tampered with or if the box is empty.

The recipients receiving the delivery must open the package and check its contents prior to accepting the delivery or signing the delivery receipt.

If the recipient is not available at the time of delivery, the courier company shall try and deliver the item thrice before returning the same to All costs for re-shipment and handling in the case of non-delivery to the Member shall be chargeable to the Member.

Delivery guarantee is subject to terms and conditions of the courier company. Any incositency in name or address will result in non delivery of the product.


Recipient will have to provide a government approved photo identification card (like passport, drivers licence, election card etc.) to collect the physical product.

As it is a mandatory courier regulation, the price of the gift will be mentioned in the external cover. In the event the Member wishes to have a copy of the invoice, he / she can request to ship an additional copy of the invoice to be shipped to the required address at the time of placing the order. Any applicable tax, including any gift tax shall be borne by the Member.

Returns & Replacements

Jewellery and Mounts

Jewellery and Mounts purchased from the Website can be returned only by calling us at 1800 233 5050 within thirty (30) days from delivery of the item(s), subject to conditions detailed hereafter. In the event the Member has purchased a wrong ring size, will resize the ring free of cost. Mounts can be replaced up to thirty (30) days from the date of delivery. Members should make a re-sizing request within thirty(30) days of delivery. If the new Mount costs more than the existing Mount, the incremental costs shall be charged to the Member.

All courier and shipping costs incurred by the Company for returns shall be borne by the Member.

Conditions for return

a)     All items must have the original security tag, label and certificate and must be returned in the same conditions as delivered by

b)    Any item returned showing signs of wear or engraved, altered, resized (by anyone / entity other than or damaged in any other manner shall not be accepted for return.

c)     Custom orders with engraving, special ring size etc. cannot be accepted for return, refund or exchange.

d)    All shipping and handling expenses shall be chargeable to the Member.

e)     All requests for return of product have to be placed within thirty(30) days from the date of delivery. No return requests after thirty (30) days from delivery will be processed.

f)     Once the return is confirmed at the call center, will send a packaging cover, which has to be used to return the product. The item has to be packed in front of the courier agent.

Solitaire and Loose Diamonds 



Jewellery and Mounts

There is no buy back option for any Jewellery and Mounts purchased through the Website. However, Jewellery or Mounts purchased from the Website can be exchanged for eighty (80) per cent of the value listed on the Website, on the date of such an exchange. In case the value of the Jewellery or Mounts is not available on the Website, the exchange will be based on the return value determined by Products suspected to be tampered with will not be exchanged. All decisions of shall be final and binding.

Loose Diamonds / Custom Diamond Jewellery 

Only Loose Diamonds sold by shall have the buy-back provision. All buy-backs shall be in the form of exchange and not for cash.

Members who wish to sell their Loose Diamond(s) directly to have to send it to the address given on the website. will assess the value of the Loose Diamond and if the offer is acceptable to the Member, the Member shall receive the full value of the Loose Diamond in cash or exchange. If the offer made by is not acceptable to the Member, the Loose Diamond shall be returned to the Member within ten (10) days from the notice of refusal to sell by the Member.

The Members can also opt to re-sell Loose Diamond by allowing to list the Loose Diamond(s) on the Website as well as any other portals for an open market re-sale. shall not guarantee any timeline within which the re-sale is to happen. In the event the Loose Diamond is re-sold, shall charge a minimal fee to the Member. The details of the fee will be mentioned to the Member before accepts the Loose Diamond for listing.

In case the certificate has been misplaced, will have to get the Loose Diamond recertified before being put up for sale. Cost of recertification will have to be borne by the Member.

Investment Diamonds 

If a Member is interested in putting up a Loose Diamond for sale on the Website or in other trade portals and / or any other auction site, shall, for a fee, assist the Member on setting a reserve price for reselling the Loose Diamond

All Loose Diamonds offered for sale under this provision must be in the same tamper proof pack that was sent by and must be accompanied by valid certificates. In the event the seller has unpacked the Loose Diamonds or does not possess valid certificates, shall arrange for re-certification of such Loose Diamonds. Cost of recertification if any should be borne by the Member. 

All shipping and handling costs shall be chargeable to the Members.


Only transit insurance shall be provided by and it shall be valid only until the time of delivery.



All Loose Diamonds (both investment and retail) and diamonds that are set in Jewellery will be accompanied by individual certificates. The certificate will be from a third party laboratory and the details of the certificate will be mentioned at the time of purchase.

Jewellery / Mounts 

The diamonds in the Jewellery / Mounts will not be individually certified unless expressly mentioned at the point of purchase. The entire Jewellery will be certified either by a third party laboratory or by depending on the value of the Jewellery.

Conflict Free Diamond Policy recognizes the great harm caused by conflict diamond mining / trading. will not purchase, sell, contact subscribers, customers or suppliers who purchase or trade in diamonds which were used to fund conflict or traded in any way in violation of any United Nations resolution or the Kimberly Process.

Terms & Conditions of use of the website


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b)     YOU EXPRESSLY UNDERSTAND You are 18 years of age or older and that your use of the Website and / or Services shall not violate any applicable law or regulation. 

c)     All registration information you submit is truthful and accurate and that you agree to maintain the accuracy of such information. 

d)     Your membership is solely for your personal and non-commercial use. Any use of this Website or its content other than for personal purposes is prohibited. 

e)     Your personal and non-commercial use of this Website shall be subjected to the following restriction (i) you may not modify any content of the Website, including but not limited to, any public display, description, performance, sale, rental, pricing of the product; (ii) you may not decompile, reverse engineer, or disassemble the content, or (c) remove any copyright, trademark registration, or other proprietary notices from the content. You further agree not to access or use this Website in any manner that may be harmful to the operation of this Website or its content

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j) cannot and will not assure that other users are or will be complying with the foregoing rules or any other provisions of this Terms of Use, and, as between you and, you hereby assume all risk of harm or injury resulting from any such lack of compliance. 

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