Round Cut

Round cut diamonds have the distinction of being the Ideal Tolkowsky Cut! No wonder, approximately 75% of all the diamonds sold across the globe constitute of the round cut varieties. In spite of being created first in Europe people to tend to know, it by the name of Ideal American cut as well. Its shape mechanics makes it superior to other fancy diamond shapes, because it reflects the light to maximize its potential brightness.

It is important to remember that virtually each variety of the round diamond is a brilliant cut. This means they come with 58 facets in all, 57 when culets remain absent. Based on per carat weight, round cut diamond is costlier than others. There are mainly two reasons behind this.




  1. Extremely high demand for the round shape
  2. Lower yield than the demand for round cut diamond

Much of the rough stone is lost during the shaping of the round cut, so the carat retaining costs resultantly tends to be higher. A round typical diamonds with VS2 clarity, of 1.00 carat, Ex cut, and F-color will cost 25% to 35% higher than similar fancy shaped diamond. The popularity of round shape gained momentum in 1919; especially after the publication of a thesis by Michael Tolkowsky on round cut variety.

In his thesis, Tolkowsky enumerated the presence of ideal proportions of the round cut diamond maximizes the dispersion/fire as well as light return/brilliance. However, the original specifications given by him, visible culet, 59.3% depth, 53% table, and crown angle of 34.50 have been modified slightly today. This is because the round cut diamond mechanics is perfect today, which was not possible before.

Theoretical and technological advancements over the years like using laser to cut diamonds today, allow the production of brilliant incredible cuts. When it comes to the perfect combination of value and style one cannot go wrong with the classic round cut diamonds. So, win your love with this natural choice!

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