Radiant Cut

Do you know that the Radiant Cut stones are the first diamonds in square cut variety to have a brilliant cut complete pattern facets applied to pavilion and the crown both? The second one to undergo the process was the Princess cut diamonds. Such application of facet brilliant cut patterns creates a lively and vibrant square stone. Radiant cut varieties first hogged the spotlight in 1980s with its square crop corner shape. This shape made it a desirable bridge between princess and cushion cut.

Subsequently, the radiant cut stones appear more stunning when set with either square or rounded corner diamonds. With rectangular or longer radiant cuts, the bowtie effect is possible. However, the bowtie effect is not with radiant cut, as it is, with pear shaped, marquise, or oval shaped diamonds. This effect may vary from severe to invisible. Buyers can enjoy different styled rings with radiant cut diamonds.

Different varieties are available right from the perfect squires with length- width ratio of 1.00 to traditional and more rectangular options. However, it is important to note that 1.05 ratios or lesser signify that this stone seems square when seen with naked eye. Buyers who prefer the emerald cut diamond should instead opt for the rectangular radiant cut, because it offers greater brilliance that of the round cut.

Square radiant cut diamonds appear similar to Princess cut but these have cropped corners. One set in jewelry both Princess cut and square radiant shape appears the same; because the corners in both these shapes are covered with prongs. Due to its exquisite brilliance, the beauty of radiant cut stone remains free of inclusions, a feature that afflicts other square shapes, such as, asscher or emerald cut.

Technically, the radiant shape is a hybrid cut unique in every way that comprises of 70 facets with trimmed distinctive edges. This versatile design, combines the depth and brilliance of Princess, emerald, and round cut diamonds, and brings something special for the designers to work with and the owners to wear.

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