Oval Shape

Lazare Kaplan created this much-loved shape of diamond during the 1960s. Oval shaped diamond is nothing but a modified variety of the brilliant round cut. Oval shape seems to be an ideal selection for customers looking for a basic round diamond with unique features. Oval diamonds have the same brilliance and fire as the brilliant cut, but have an added advantage to them. Their elongated shape creates an illusion of a larger size as compared to round diamond with the same carat weight.

Its slender shape makes the fingers of the wearer appear slimmer and longer, an effect highly desired by the customers. How fat or narrow a diamond one wishes depends on the personal choice. Classic oval shape refers to a length-width ratio in the range of 1.35 to 1.50. A slight thinner cut appears most appealing in settings where diamond remains flanked using side stones.

Bow tie effect can be seen to a certain degree in the oval shaped diamond varieties. It signifies that light that passes through the diamond casts shadow across central stone facets. To reduce the bow tie effect, the pavilion depth, the adjusting table angle of the facets can be altered. This in turn helps in better diffusion of light in the central area of the diamond. Such kind of effects is also visible in Pear-shaped, Marquise, and heart-shaped diamonds. These can vary from quite severe to nearly invisible.

Bowtie effect visibility ascertaining is not possible through review of dimensions or diamond certification. Visual inspection is the only way to ascertain the presence conclusively. Color and clarity evaluations with other diamond varieties are subjective, with the buyer being the best decision maker.

Typical facets of the oval shaped diamond are 58. This cut optimizes the carat weight, which means that its symmetrical, drawn out shape makes it seem larger as mentioned before. When selecting the oval shaped diamond reconcile the benefits of longer shared/larger ratio with rounded shape/smaller ratio. The former elongates the finger beautifully while the latter prevents the bowtie effects.

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