Marquise Shape

Marquise Diamond is distinct for its football shape and originally modified form of the brilliant cut round stone. The name has originated from Marquise of Pompadour on whose orifice the shape of this gemstone has been fashioned by Louis XIV King of France. Marquise shaped diamond is narrow and long creating an illusion of a larger size. The surface area of this shapely cut diamond is the largest.

Naturally, it becomes an ideal choice with buyers who seek the largest diamond size. Just like oval diamonds Marquise diamonds come with elongated shape and makes the finger of those who wear it appear slimmer and longer. A certain amount of bow tie is associated with the stone varieties that can vary from nearly invisible to almost severe. Visibility of bowtie effects is not ascertained through review of dimensions or Diamond certification. Only a comprehensive visual inspection will ascertain this.

It depends upon personal preference how fat or narrow a stone one chooses. Length-width ratio in the range of 1.75 to 2.15 no doubt is the classic shape of Marquise Diamond. In Marquise shape, symmetry becomes an all-important feature. The 2 endpoints of the diamond should completely align with each other, with left and right sides forming the mirror images.

Even slight misalignment of the points will result in off-kilter appearance in the final setting. Thus, very good or excellent symmetry in Marquise Diamond is highly desirable. It is important to set Marquise diamonds using prongs for protecting its two points. These points are the most probable places where chipping may occur. These points in the original rough stone were nearest to outer edges so any inclusions, naturals, or extra facets have the highest chance of being here.

By covering these using the prongs, it is possible to make these flaws invisible after the setting. The only lingering concern may be whether these flaws will prove to be significant enough for affecting the diamond stability, which however does not occur except in the rarest cases.

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