Heart Shape

Heart-shaped diamonds are the modifications of traditional brilliant cut varieties. These are popular for their unmistakable and unique symbolism of love as portrayed by their shape. Naturally, people prefer them as beautiful solitaire pendants for wearing close to the heart or set them in various ring designs. When one is choosing the heart-shaped diamonds, symmetry becomes the prominent factor. After all, it is desirable that both the halves of this cut should appear identical.

Ideally, one should go for a stone having a distinct and sharp cleft between two lobes with wings or sides curving down to point having slight rounded shape. These are the best heart-shaped diamonds to choose. It is important to know that stones less than .50 carats associated with this variety are not worth the buy. It becomes quite difficult to discern the heart-shaped that give it a distinct beauty in such a tiny stone. Perceiving it becomes extremely difficult once it gets set in the jewelry piece.

In case of small heart-shaped diamonds, a 3-prong setting or bezel setting is recommended, because it preserves the outline of the heart-shape after it is set in. Heart shaped diamonds can have varied silhouettes ranging from fat to narrow. With silhouette to choose from depends upon personal preference above everything else. Length-width ratio here is generally 1.00. However, those who want to set it in a pendant should opt for narrow cut in the range of 1.05 to 1.15.

For setting within Solitaire rings people prefer wider cut in the range of 0.85 to 1.00. Determination of length-width ratio in this kind of diamonds is measured at shape widest point from one lobe edge to other.

This kind of stone contains 56-58 facets in general. However, facets of the main pavilion may vary in the range of six, seven, or eight. Often, this shape uses ‘French tips’ to replace the bezel large facets at points with upper and star girdle facets. French tips are also popularly used with Pear and Marquise shapes. Depending on structure or make, the appearance of the heart-shaped stones may vary slightly.

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