Emerald Cut

Emerald cut gemstones stand out due to their unique shape as they are created using pavilion step cuts and open, large table. Instead of the of a brilliant cut diamond, emerald cut produces an interesting hall-of-mirrors effect. This occurs due to the beautiful light interplay and the presence of the planes. No doubt, it is less fiery but the presence of dramatic light flashes and long lines gives this cut a sophisticated appeal.

Flat broad plane of emerald cut highlights the diamond clarity along with its crystalline, natural rectangular growth. Additionally, flat planes with its edges allow enough space for adding different side gemstones as thin, long, rectangular diamonds often flanking this kind of cut. These go by the name of baguettes.

Originally, this shape was designed for cutting emeralds so the name stuck with the diamonds too. Such varieties of diamond generally come with 57 facets in total that includes 32 facets on pavilion and 25 facets on crown. Row number of facets with both pavilion and crown may vary altering the overall facet numbers of this cut.

Emerald cut diamonds can be either nearly square or narrow rectangular, as well as, anything in between. The classic diamond has the length-width approximate ratio of 1.50. Those who love the Emerald Cut square diamonds may also select the Asscher Cut varieties as both of them reflect somewhat similar appearance.

As with some other shapes clarity and color choices associated with the Emerald Cut is also a completely subjective matter. Many buyers may prefer G - H diamond grades because of their warm hues or D - F grades known for their cool colorlessness. For diamonds above 1.50 carats body color becomes quite easy to discern. This happens due to the presence of open and large facets making views easier.

Just like color choices, clarity is again a subjective feature for the Emerald Cut. Similarly, when it comes to clarity many people may not have issues with inclusions provided they are not glaringly visible. While others, may emphasize fully on a flawless variety of diamond.

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