Do you know what determines the beauty of a diamond? The CUT, which is the only factor in all the 4 Cs that depends on the design. All the other three, namely the Color, Clarity, and Carat are natural features of the gemstone. What does Cut signify? It refers to Symmetry, Proportions, and Polish of the stone ensuring maximum light reflection. Finish and angles of the stone determine the brilliance and the ability of handling light.

In a well cut diamond the light entering inside is reflected from all sides to reach the eye of the observer, creating a brilliant aura and a sparkle, which makes it so precious.

Anatomy of a Diamond

Here are some of the basic terms on the Polish, Symmetry, and Proportion of the diamond.

  • Table It signifies the polished largest facet of diamond on stone top face
  • DiameterWidth of polished gemstone from one to other side of the girdle
  • Crown The top diamond part measured from table surface to girdle
  • Culet Flat tiny facet at Diamond bottom tip
  • Girdle Widest edge where crown ends to meet the pavilion
  • PavilionBottom part beginning at girdle and extending to culet
  • Depth It is the total diamond length measured from culet to table

Diamond Proportion

It is the relationship between angle, size, and shape of each diamond facet. Expansive combinations are possible that ultimately determine the interaction of the stone with light. Well-proportioned stone will naturally maximize the reflection of light out of crown to the eye of the observer.

Diamond Polish

Once the diamond is cut, polishing of each facet occurs. Improper polishing will leave behind streaks and scratches.

Diamond Symmetry

Symmetrical facets maximize the existing and entering light. So, stones having distorted symmetry appear improperly shaped or unbalanced. This affects their fire and brilliance.

Different CUT Grades


  • Ideal/ExcellentExtremely beautiful & rare
  • Good It reflects most of the entering light
  • Very Good Almost all the light that enters gets reflected
  • Fair Considered good quality obviously below the GOOD diamond grade
  • Poor Too deep or shallow cuts cause much leakage of light from the base and side of stones

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