Buy-back Policy

Investing in a Solitaire requires a lot of patience along with a good amount of your hard earned money, we at Only Solitaires believe that every penny counts. To make the decisions of our customers easier and hassle free, we have a simple yet to the point Money Back Policy and an Exchange/Upgrade Policy which allows the customer to feel secure while making a purchase.

Only Solitaire

Money Back Policy (For Solitaire only)

  • Money back is applicable only on a Diamond Solitaire valued below or equal to Rs 5, 00,000/- (Five Lakh) Only.
  • An amount equaling to 15% of the cost of the Diamond Solitaire would be deducted on the existing market rate of the Diamond Solitaire.
  • The Diamond Solitaire should be presented along with the Original Product Certificate and the Original/Copy of Invoice for all Money Back or Exchange/Upgrade from the date of purchase.
  • If the customer is unable to provide the certificate, the Solitaire Diamond would be sent to a laboratory for certification. The shipping cost and the cost of certification shall be borne by the customer.
  • Money Back amount would be returned to the customer within 15 days from the date of return in the mode of Cheque only.

Exchanges / Upgrades

  • An amount equaling to 10% of the cost of the Diamond Solitaire shall be deducted considering the existing market rate.
  • A Diamond Solitaire can be exchanged / upgraded only with another Diamond Solitaire. Any exchange for Jewellery / Raw Gold Bars / Gold Coins shall not be permitted.
  • An Exchange/Upgrade is applicable only on Diamond Solitaires whose value is below or equal to Rs. 5,00,000 (Five Lakhs).
  • In case of any specific product bought where no guaranteed upgrade is possible or permissible, the customer would have to give Only Solitaire the exclusive rights to sell it. Once the product is sold, the customer can purchase a new product of equivalent value of the selling price after deducting 10% as per the Exchange policy.

Terms & Conditions

  • The BUY BACK GAURANTEE is not valid for any product whose value is equal to or more than Rs. 5, 00,000 (Five Lakhs). However, Only Solitaires would try to assist the customer to sell the same product at a price confirmed by the customer.
  • The Buy Back policy is applicable only for the following fixed quality criteria – Clairy – IF – VVS2, Color – F – I , Certified GIA and IGI Only.
  • Mandatory documents such as the Original certificate of diamond are to be given at the time of exchange / buy back. In case the original certificate of diamond could not be produced, the customer shall bear the expenses for the shipping and certification process.
  • A Laser encoded number inscribed on diamonds is a Pre-Requisite in case of either a cash back or an exchange/upgrade
  • If a solitaire is damaged or opened anywhere, then the same would not be eligible for buy back/exchange/upgrade and would not accepted by Only Solitaires.
  • The Money Back and Exchange/Upgrade policies would be applicable exclusively for the Diamonds bought from Only Solitaires.
  • The Weight of the diamond shall be re-checked on the weighing scale at the time of availing aforesaid offers.
  • Customized Diamond Solitaires shall not be accepted under the Money Back or Exchange/Upgrade policies.