About Us

Diamonds were formed 100’s of kilometers below the Earth’s surface beholden to some complex scientific process. In the hands of a master craftsman these diamonds come to life, narrating a story far more eloquently than words. KAILASH KABRA brings one such poetic synergy between science and art into the light with Only Solitaires.

Who doesn’t love an underdog? Kailash Kabra started at the bottom of the rug, learning the tricks of the trade as he went on. It didn’t take him long to understand that in this line of business you had to come from a family of jewellers to be taken seriously. Never the one to be put down, Kailash Kabra ignored the cat calls and decided to swim against the tide. He set up shop in 2006 with K.K.Jewels. Within a span of a few months he had not only proved his critics wrong, but he had also exceeded his own expectations. The phenomenal response to K.K.Jewels was just the breakthrough he was looking for. After running K.K.Jewels for 4 years he realised that it was time to move on, take up a new challenge. What he did next, had never been done before.

After nearly a decade in the industry and with a pool of loyal clientele, Kailash Kabra set up India’s first certified solitaire boutique, Only Solitaires in 2010. At Only Solitaires we take pride in being involved in every step of the stone’s journey, right from its sourcing to its final setting. Each piece of jewellery is hand crafted by our team of meticulous craftsmen, giving our jewellery a distinct edge. It is as if our diamonds are lit from within. We realise that buying a diamond is quite an occasion and to give you complete peace of mind all our diamonds are certified by the GIA, the IGI and the HRD.

Only Solitaires is more than just a luxury jewellery brand, it is Kailash Kabra’s lasting legacy. His unrivalled passion for jewellery, understated elegance and distinct taste never fails to excite and inspire our clientele.